Can You Drink Hot Beverages from Tritan Glasses?

Beautiful family is sitting at a festive table and drinking hot drinks from Tritan unbreakable glasses

The holiday season is around the corner, and that means getting together with friends and family. This is the time for cozy dinner parties, comfort food and lots of laughs. 

The cold season is also the perfect time to put together a hot drink to pamper your guests. Irish coffee, spiced rum, Christmas punch, hot cocoa, apple punch or a beautiful foamy latte. Hot drinks are just heartwarming.

So, here’s the question of the day, can you drink hot beverages from Tritan glasses? Yes, you can, but there’s more: Tritan glasses, otherwise called unbreakable glassware, might be your best option for hot beverages. 

Here’s why Tritan wine glasses are fantastic alternatives to serve all kinds of hot drinks. 

A beautiful family celebrates the holiday. Hot drinks from Tritan Unbreakable Stemless Wine Glasses. House party, family eating turkey.

All About Tritan, A Fantastic Material 

Tritan is the new generation of copolyesters. A crystal-clear, resistant (unbreakable) material that’s easy to shape into everything, especially into stylish glassware. 

Tritan changed the way we see glass and crystal alternatives since these are not disposable products but durable pieces you can use for years without seeing any noticeable damage. 

The fact that Tritan glasses won’t break means they won’t scratch easily either. This is a game-changer for every one of us, but much more so for businesses. 

Caterers, hotels, restaurants, resorts, cruises, country clubs and yacht clubs, they all benefit directly from unbreakable glassware that looks and feels like glass. They can pamper their customers while keeping the costs low. 

Now, Tritan technology is within everyone’s reach. You can now have the finest quality unbreakable glasses to enjoy your favorite drinks, but can they take the heat? 

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Can You Drink Hot Beverages in Tritan Glasses?

As mentioned above, yes, you can drink any hot beverage in Tritan glasses. They’re a million times better than other alternatives, even glass. Let’s start by saying you should stop using disposable glasses

Neither Styrofoam nor PET can take the heat emitted by a near-boiling liquid, at least not without leaching harmful chemicals to your drink and straight into your body.

Tritan is BPA-free, and it doesn’t react to any liquid, hot or cold, acidic or alkaline. Safety alone is reason enough to use Tritan unbreakable glassware for hot drinks. 

Titan glassware won’t break, even if dropped. This is particularly convenient with hot beverages because the only thing more dangerous than shattering glass is a steaming drink spilling everywhere along with the glass shards. 

Get yourself a set of Tritan indestructible glassware and be ready for every situation. Wine, whiskey, Champagne and all your favorite hot beverages nicely displayed in crystal-clear, smooth and stylish Tritan glasses. 

Holiday on vacation. Family is sitting at a festive table and drinking hot Mulled wine, Irish coffee, Hot Buttered Rum, Hot toddy, Apple cider, Aleberry from Tritan unbreakable glasses

The Most Popular Hot Beverages You Have To Try

Need inspiration? Here’s a list of some of the most famous and tastiest hot drinks on the planet. Choose with your eyes closed; they’re all delicious!

Aleberry - a hot combination of ale beer sweetened with sugar and flavored with nutmeg.

Apple cider - Mulled cider with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, allspice and colorful orange peels. 

Hot toddy - an Irish specialty. A hot mixture of whiskey and water sweetened with honey and your favorite brown spices.

Hot Buttered Rum - Hot water, a measure of rum, a spoonful of butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. 

Irish coffee - Sweetened hot coffee with a splash of Irish whiskey, topped with heavy cream. 

Mulled wine - Red wine slowly heated along with a sweetener, cinnamon, clove, citrus peels and sometimes raisins. A real beauty! 

Weekend home party with hot drinks. Hot Mulled wine, Irish coffee, Hot Buttered Rum, Hot toddy, Apple cider, Aleberry. Drinks from unbreakable wine glasses

Build Your Tritan Glassware Collection

Build your unbreakable stemware collection today. Did we mention these are lovely gifts? Everyone you know, whether they’re wine lovers, whiskey aficionados or just cappuccino fans, will benefit from a set of indestructible stemware.

Bravario offers a wide range of payment options, free shipping in the USA and lifetime support, so there’s no excuse not to get your first set of Tritan glasses today.

The question now is, which to choose? Get the trendiest stemless wine glasses, the sturdy whiskey glasses or the Sparkling wine flutes. Even better, get a pair of each while they last. 

When something is as resistant and beautiful, you can safely say Bravario’s Tritan glasses are a fantastic investment. Get yours, you won’t regret it.

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