7 Reasons Why You Should Never Drink Wine from Disposable Cups

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Wine is a beautiful thing; it’s not just booze; it’s a window to the world. It’s a universe of flavors and aromas to explore, and an artisan product meant to make any social occasion more memorable.
The thing with wine is that to enjoy it fully, you need the right kind of glass. Sure, stemmed crystal glasses are classic, but you can’t use them when dining al fresco, at pool parties, or most outdoor events, they break often too. Here’s where many people go for disposable cups.
Today, there’s no need for disposable cups for wine when we have excellent options like Bravario’s unbreakable, crystal-clear Tritan glasses. Here are 7 reasons why you should never drink wine from disposable cups. 

harm to the environment, plastic, disposable glasses, unbreakable stemless wine glasses

1. Disposable Cups are Bad For The Environment

Let’s say it out loud; we’re all responsible for preserving the environment. There’s no room for disposable cutlery, plastic, or foam cups in today’s world. They actually should be banned, and they are in some countries.
An average disposable cup takes thirty years to degrade, and we’re talking about the cardboard kind. Plastic cups take twice as much to break apart — and that’s just part of the problem. Plastic becomes microplastic, and microplastic gets into our food and straight into our bodies.

2. Disposable Cups are Ugly

Yes, the environment matters, but who wants ugly disposable cups at their party? We’re sure you wouldn’t pour your wedding’s Champagne in disposable cups, so why would you do it when having friends coming over for a drink?
Looks matter, and disposable cups are ugly. With so many alternatives in the market, why pour wine in a disposable cup? They don’t look good, and you don’t look very good, either. 

3. You Can’t Experience Wine Properly in a Disposable Cup

Wine is all about experiencing it with all your senses. Pouring wine in a red disposable cup ruins half the fun. If you can’t see the wine’s color, you’re missing out on it. 
There’s nothing more comforting than sticking your nose into a proper wine glass to catch all those lovely fruit and spice aromas. You can’t do this with a disposable cup, meaning you’re not enjoying wine at its fullest. 
harm to the environment, plastic, disposable glasses, unbreakable stemless wine glasses, harmful plastic cups, trash in nature

4. Wind Tumbles Disposable Cups

Here’s some real-life advice. Wind tumbles disposable cups. Even half-filled cups are at the mercy of the summer breeze. Pour wine in Styrofoam cups, and you’ll have half your guests running around behind their cups across the garden.
Every detail matters when organizing a get-together, whether it’s a birthday, a wedding, or a pool party. Disposable cups are trouble, and we know you already have too many things to worry about.

5. Disposable Cups Demerit the Occasion

When the father of the bride stands to have a toast for the newlyweds, we’re sure you don’t expect him to do it with a disposable cup. Now extrapolate that to any reunion and dinner party. 
Disposable cups are the equivalent of disposable cutlery. They’re never up to the task; they look silly and cannot do what they’re supposed to do.

6. Disposable Cups are Costly on The Long Run

Anything disposable ends up adding up to your monthly budget. Whenever you can use reusable cups, do so, because cent by cent, disposable cups can really make the difference.
This is important if you’re in the restaurant or catering business, but it's the same for anyone putting together a party. Don’t penny-pinch; look at the long term bottom line instead.

7. Going For Disposable Cups is a Missed Opportunity

Today there are great alternatives for serving wine that are much better than disposable cups. Actual crystal wine glasses come to mind, but also a much more versatile and trendier option: 
Tritan crystal clear unbreakable wine glasses. You've seen these before; they’re gorgeous! They don’t break and look just like crystal. Use them poolside or at any indoor or outdoor event. They’re trendy, chick, and super durable. These glasses are sending disposable cups straight down the path of extinction.
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There You Have It!

Hopefully, you’ll never pour wine in a disposable cup again. Build your collection of unbreakable Tritan wine glasses instead. They share all the virtues of a crystal wine glasses, but they’re much more versatile.
Ditch disposable cups and enjoy wine to its fullest. Wine is all about good times with friends and family, and it’s also all about sharing. So, share these tips with your drinking buddies and start building your Bravario Unbreakable Glass collection today.
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