Wine Glasses for Pool – The perfect accessory when drinking poolside


Glass is never the safest option for enjoying a drink poolside. But that doesn’t mean you need to resort to tacky plastic cups that mask the fine taste of your wine. That’s why wine glasses for pools were invented. There’s no better feeling than kicking back by the pool or having fun with friends at a poolside party. And these glasses are there to make your event classy. 

Why are poolside wine glasses a thing?

Broken glasses aren’t only a problem poolside. They can pose major issues if the glass shards get into the water. These shards are not something that you can easily see if they get into the water. Because of this, they can pose a danger to those in the pool. Broken glass shards can also wreak havoc to your pool plumbing system costing you a lot to repair. Plus, it’s quite a lot of work to drain the pool, clear the surface of all glass – and hope that you didn’t miss any – to make it safe for use again. 

So, we know why using a crystal glass by the pool is a very bad idea. But who likes some of the alternatives?

Plastic cups just take away from the ambiance that you’re trying to set and ruin the taste of a good wine. So, with plastic cups off the table, what should you use? There are plenty of options for poolside drinkware. But, not all of them will give you the classy feel that you want for your party. And shatter-proof wine glasses don’t mean they won’t break – especially on hard surfaces that surround a pool. What you need are unbreakable wine glasses.

(You can learn more here about unbreakable versus shatterproof wine glasses).

You need the wine glasses that look like crystal, show the true color of your wine/cocktail, and that are reusable and won’t impact the taste of your drink. You need wine glasses for pools.

What are wine glasses for pool?

These are essentially unbreakable wine glasses that are suitable for outdoor use. This means you can grab a glass of your best wine, head outdoors, and if your glass falls, there are no dangerous glass shards to worry about.

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Wine Glasses for Pool – Are Yours Safe and Unbreakable?

Safety is important when buying wine glasses especially if you’re going to be leaving your cup in the sun for a bit. With some “unbreakable” type glasses, chemicals can seep into your drink when the glass gets too hot in the sun. That’s why you need Bavario wine glasses for outdoor fun.

These pool safe wine glasses will help you enjoy your drink at the pool hassle-free. They are designed exclusively for outdoor activities such as pool parties using 100% Eastman Tritan. Eastman Tritan copolyester is a food-safe, BPA-free, EA-free, and FDA approved material. Glasses made from this copolyester won’t crack if they fall. There are no harmful chemicals that will leak from the glass into your drink, and they still give the same great feel as drinking from a crystal glass.

If your glass slips to the ground, there won’t be any glass shards to worry about. In fact, your poolside wine glass – if you made the right choice – may not even have a scratch. These pool-safe glasses are more than just unbreakable wine glasses. They are the first step to a fun-filled day or evening with no worries for you, kids, or guests. When planning your pool party, make sure these wine glasses for pool are at the top of your list for accessories. Then, you can #RoseAllDay with a Bravario unbreakable wine glass.

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So, wouldn’t you rather be relaxing poolside?

We think so. Order a set of this unbreakable outdoor drinkware and have all the fun with none of the worries. Bravario is the best way to enjoy your favorite wine or cocktail while soaking up the sun or enjoying a party. They are the perfect range of wine glasses with none of the harmful chemicals so readily found in plastics. Plus, you won’t get any plastic smell when using them. They are safe for children, easily washable, and are multi-purpose. They are the perfect indoor/outdoor glassware. Even if you’re not having a pool party, but guests find themselves outside, you still won’t have to worry.

So, keep your favorite glass of wine within easy reach, drink responsibly, and enjoy your time poolside.


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