Unbreakable vs. Break Resistant Wine Glasses – Is There a Difference?

Unbreakable vs. Break Resistant Wine Glasses – Is There a Difference?

Buying quality wine glasses does take some research to get right. There are so many options out there that it can be overwhelming to understand what the best ones are. For example, in a search for wine glasses, you may see options for unbreakable or break resistant wine glasses. You might even assume that they mean the same thing if you’re looking for a wine glass that won’t break.

But, did you know that unbreakable wine glasses are not the same as break resistant glasses? Here is a quick look at how and why they differ. But first …

How do these terms compare to regular crystal glasses?

Traditional wine glasses are made of crystal. Because of the type of material, crystal glasses will shatter easily should they fall to the floor or be hit against a hard surface. In fact, the stem of a crystal glass can even shatter in your hand if you’re not careful. So, to combat this issue, especially for use outdoors, glass makers have provided both break resistant glasses and unbreakable glasses.

But, they are not the same.

Broken Wine Glasses

Why are some glasses unbreakable?

Unbreakable wine glasses aren’t made of glass. They are made of a type of plastic – copolyester. Now, don’t be fooled by the fact that it is plastic. Most persons actually can’t tell the difference between a glass made of copolyester versus a crystal wine glass by looking at them.

While unbreakable glasses won’t break when they make contact with a hard surface, not all are created equal. Some brands of copolyester wine glasses do have better durability than others. Higher quality unbreakable glasses are often made from Eastman Tritan™ copolyester. This is a brand of very strong plastic that is easily malleable but extremely durable when made into wine glasses. Plus, Tritan’s copolyester material is FDA approved, and the glass is BPA-free.

How are break resistant glasses different from unbreakable glasses?

Break resistant glasses are sometimes described as shatter resistant. But being break resistant does not mean that they can’t break. It just means that they are much harder to break than traditional crystal glasses. These types of glasses are considered break resistant because they are made from a type of material that makes them less susceptible to breaking. They can withstand more pressures before cracking. So, while a crystal glass can shatter if you knock it over on your counter, a break resistant glass won’t.

Unbreakable Wine Glasses

However, the type of composite glass that’s used in these wine glasses can’t withstand a fall to a hard surface, even though they are harder to break and more durable than crystal. Because of this, break resistant glasses are not recommended for outdoor use. So, if you’re looking for a glass that can handle outdoor use, you want more than a break resistant or shatter resistant wine glass.

Unbreakable vs. break resistant wine glasses – which should you use?

It depends on what you want them for. If you want wine glasses that still look elegant and suitable for indoor use, then break resistant wine glasses could be the option for you. But, what if you want a wine glass that can do both indoor and outdoor activities without having to worry about what type of surface it falls on? Then, the best choice is an unbreakable wine glass.

Wine glasses made from Tritan copolyester are quite incomparable when you want to buy unbreakable glasses online. So, deciding on the type of wine glass is easy when you know what to look for. And since we do know what to look for, that’s why we focus on quality. With unbreakable glasses such as the ones we sell, you don’t need to keep separate sets of wine glasses. Ours are suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. The clarity is just as good as a crystal glass. They can withstand multiple washes in a dishwasher without damaging their toughness or clarity. You won’t be losing out on quality when you choose an unbreakable glass for your next event or outing.

Wine Glasses for Camping

When you order unbreakable wine glasses from us, you are getting glasses of the highest quality. That’s because we specialize in outdoor glasses that don’t break. They are especially useful for wine lovers who enjoy having a glass of wine by the pool or outdoors while camping. They are perfect for picnics, pool parties, camping, boat rides.

Just about any outdoor or indoor activity is better with unbreakable glasses, not break resistant. 

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