Tritan Wine Glasses – Incomparable in More Ways Than One

Tritan Wine Glasses

Tritan wine glasses look like crystal glasses, that is, until one slips from your fingers and hits the ground. Then, you’ll clearly see the difference. So, what are Tritan wine glasses and why should you want a set?

Let’s start with a wish for better wine glasses

Recently, a friend of ours went to help one of her family members at a monthly meeting. It was her family member’s turn to host the meeting at the hall that they normally use, and this meant providing food and drinks for the participants. She was asked to unpack some wine glasses and greet each member attending the meeting with a lovely glass of wine.

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Going into a bag for the wine glasses, she found the bag packed with all sorts of items brought from home for the meeting. By the time she got to the glasses – those plastic ones where they pack the glass stems and the glass bowls separately – some of them were crushed beyond imagination. The glasses that weren’t crushed were cracked, or they broke when she tried to separate the bowls to put them on the stems. For her, it was just a nightmare trying to find enough “wine glasses” to use. She told us that at this point, all she kept thinking about was our wine glasses and how her family member needed to have bought some Tritan unbreakable wine glasses for the event.

So, what is a TritanTM Wine Glass?

TritanTM is a lab-tested material made of copolyester used for manufacturing a variety of products customarily made with crystal, glass, or regular plastic. A TritanTM wine glass, therefore, uses the trademarked Tritan material that maintains its strength against a variety of chemicals and retains its clarity despite constant use. It is a well-known and well-liked material for unbreakable wine glasses because of its many advantages over other types of materials.

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Is TritanTM glass or plastic?

TritanTM by Eastman is a high-quality, durable plastic that is practically shatterproof. Because of the materials used in a Tritan wine glass, these glasses tend to look like real crystal. But, unlike true crystal, these wine glasses don’t break when they fall from the table or slip from your hands. The material is dishwasher safe, and Tritan glasses won’t warp or lose the luster and shine you enjoy with a traditional crystal wine glass. TritanTM is the type of sturdy plastic that you can trust around your kids.

Is TritanTM safe?

Many of us naturally worry about the types of chemicals found in plastics. If one of your concerns relate to the chemicals found in a TritanTM copolyester wine glass, then you’ll be pleased to know that TritanTM wine glasses are made of one of the safest plastics you can find. When you find a 100% TritanTM Wine Glass, you can be assured that it is not only BPA-free, but also EA-free (no estrogenic and androgenic activity), and BPS-free (doesn’t contain bisphenol S). The quality of the Tritan plastic has been tested and confirmed by four independent labs.

Are TritanTM wine glasses like regular crystal?

Most persons are often shocked when they pick up a Tritan wine glass and realize that it’s not crystal. Looking at it, you could never tell as it’s difficult to distinguish between a Tritan wine glass and a crystal one just by sight. The sparkle you tend to see in crystal glasses is about the same. The plastic doesn’t lose its shine even after multiple uses and regular washes in the dishwasher. The main difference between the two when enjoying a glass of fine wine is that a Tritan wine glass won’t shatter if the glass slips from your hand. It’s the unbreakable wine glass you were looking for to replace those fragile crystal glasses in your cupboards.

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Break-Resistant versus Unbreakable Wine Glasses – Is there a difference when it comes to TritanTM wine glasses?

While searching online for the best unbreakable wine glass, you may come across wine glasses described as break-resistant. This may seem to mean the same thing, but in truth, they aren’t.

It’s just like the descriptions for watches – some watches are waterproof while others are classified as water-resistant. A waterproof watch is always able to withstand deeper depths and longer times submerged under water than its counterpart. A water-resistant watch, by contrast, implies that the watch can only ‘resist’ water damage to a certain extent. So, submerging your water-resistant watch would be a recipe for disaster.

Similarly, a break-resistant wine glass means that the glass can withstand breaking under specific circumstances because of the materials used. Therefore, while these glasses may be ok for regular daily use, they aren’t suitable for other situations such as enjoying the outdoors or if they fall off a table onto the floor. For situations like these, you will need an unbreakable wine glass - a shatterproof wine glass.

So, for example, our Tritan wine glasses are unbreakable. Along with their exquisite craftsmanship and smooth rims, they are also made of 100% Tritan plastic. Because of this, they are, therefore, classified as unbreakable wine glasses. You won’t find break-resistant glasses being made of 100% Tritan. Instead, this material is reserved for unbreakable or shatterproof glasses that can withstand a variety of conditions that would quickly crush glass and other plastics.

Enhancing your wine glass collection with Tritan Wine Glasses

If you hate breaking your wine glasses as much as we do, then it’s time to look for glasses made of a durable material. Even something as merely rinsing a crystal wine glass in the sink comes with risks if you’re not careful. If you aren’t paying attention and a crystal glass hits the faucet or another glass, you could easily end up with a cracked wine glass. We know. We’ve lost too many glasses this way.

These Tritan wine glasses are suitable for regular indoor use, camping, enjoying a boat ride, or around the pool with slippery fingers. Where you’re afraid to use crystal wine glasses on your patio and porch, these glasses are excellent substitutes.

TritanTM is the material of choice for durable drinkware, and Bravario the perfect place for shatterproof stemless wine glasses. They are sturdy and suitable for indoor or outdoor entertaining. They are the perfect alternative to disposable plastic glasses for your fine wines. 


  • Oscar C. (Bravario Store)

    Dear Kathy,
    Some sunscreens can cause the unbreakable glasses to smudge or fade. You can still use the glasses as usual if this occurs.
    To help decrease the chance of sunscreen damage to your glasses you should avoid any contact between your glasses and sunscreen products, and wash your hands after applying sunscreen before using your glasses. If you do get sunscreen on your glasses you should wash it immediately.
    You can read more information in this article:

    To avoid clouding the glasses, please use the top rack of the dishwasher.
    If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at the link:

  • Oscar C. (Bravario Store)

    Dear Susie,
    Please send us an email using the form on the Contact Page:

  • kathy

    Eastman lists different ‘grades’ of Tritan™, some indicate resistant to sunscreen, I have read reviews of Tritan™ wine glasses turning cloudy after dishwashing. Also it seems pricing varies widely, is there a good, better best rating on types of Tritan™?

  • Susie Boulware

    Are Tristan Unbreakable glassware glasses Laser safe for engraving?
    How to I buy these glasses wholesale?

    Thank you!

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