Explore the Outdoors Safely with the Best Wine Glasses for Camping

Explore the Outdoors Safely with the Best Wine Glasses for Camping

Did you know that there are wine glasses for camping that makes exploring the outdoors even more spectacular? Well, there is, especially when we have a fear of breaking our crystal wine glasses on our camping trips.

That’s not an irrational fear at all. Here’s why.

Wine Glasses for Camping

A wine lover’s camping nightmare

Imagine, you’ve found the perfect wine for camping. You’ve parked the RV, ready to tuck into a nice glass of your favorite wine. You open the RV cupboard door and notice the lovely wine glass you bought for the trip about to tumble over. You react with what you think are lightning swift reflexes, fumbling the glass. But, it makes its way to the RV floor, shattering into what seems like a million pieces with no hope of you moving in your bare feet without stepping on some glass shards.

You’re in this predicament because you didn’t want to drink wine out of a plastic cup. What’s the point of relaxing in the evenings outdoors with a rare vintage when you have to deal with the crackling noise of a plastic cup?

With those sharp shards surrounding your feet, you’re now thinking that perhaps plastic cups aren’t all that bad while you’re cringing inside at the thought. It’s not that you’re a wine snob – well maybe a little – but a good wine deserves the right glass to appreciate its beauty fully and to help you relax and enjoy.

Now, if this situation hasn’t happened to you and you are afraid of using crystal wine glasses while camping because of fear of a similar outcome, we have a solution for you – wine glasses made for camping without the features you hate. When you’ve found the perfect merlot to take camping, you need to find a wine glass that complements that wine. Not a plastic cup. Not a hard-plastic “wine glass” with those detachable stems. But, a durable glass made for appreciating wine to the fullest.

Choosing the right wine glass for camping

So, what can you do to prevent shattered wine glasses from being your reality and ruining what would have been an awesome trip? You should start looking for unbreakable wine glasses suitable for camping. In your search for the perfect camping wine glass, let’s look at some of your ‘options’ in our basic guide to wine glasses for camping.

In a general search for the perfect wine glass, you are often faced with options based on the type of wine you’ll be drinking or your specific tastes. But, when camping, the main issue you have to focus on is durability. You need to find an unbreakable wine glass that can help you enjoy your camping experience the right way.

unbreakable glassware for Camping

No to regular plastic cups

Certain plastics won’t break, especially those cheap plastic cups. But, who can enjoy a glass of fine wine from a plastic drinking cup? Not us, and I’m sure not you. While there have been quite a few innovations in the style and type of regular plastics, they remain just plastic cups.

But, most of all, a plastic cup will not highlight the true characteristics of the wine or allow you to taste the wine. Enjoying a glass of merlot while camping is not just about chugging the wine as fast as you can. You want to appreciate the aroma, the taste, and the experience. You won’t be able to do any of this drinking from a plastic cup. They are not suitable for embracing the quality of a Pinot while you’re watching the sunset with your spouse. Nor can it give you the relaxing feel of a glass of fine wine while you enjoy a drink after having put the kids to bed.

Glasses with stems are not practical for camping

Another type of wine glass marketed for camping is made of durable plastic and often comes with a detachable stem. This feature makes it easier to transport these glasses as separate pieces because you can keep the stems together and likewise the bowls. But, getting a wine glass with a stem may not be the best choice when going on a camping trip.

Now, apart from the type of material – which can feel cheap – a stem is just not practical if you’re camping outdoors. Inside, it may be OK, but also still not ideal for an RV setting since the RV will undoubtedly be rocking during your journey, or you may not park on a level surface. Plus, at a campsite, you may be faced with uneven surfaces, high wind, and other conditions that make it difficult to use a wine glass with a stem. And, more often than not, these glasses can’t be washed in a dishwasher.

If you’re outside, it’s much easier for a glass with a stem to topple over. Instead, you need something flat. So, from what we’ve seen, the ideal wine glass for camping is an unbreakable stemless wine glass made specifically for enjoying the outdoors.

Wine glasses for camping that can withstand the outdoors (and indoors)
As a wine lover, one of your camping essentials is a strong and durable wine glass – an unbreakable wine glass. So, we know that crystal glasses aren’t a realistic option for camping. Therefore, you need a sturdy glass, one made of a material like Eastman Tritan™ copolyester.

Plus, you want a crystal-clear look that mimics the nature of a true crystal glass that you will enjoy holding and using. You should also be looking for an ergonomic design that’s better to hold, and a bowl designed for you to enjoy the taste of a wide range of wines. And finally, you need a glass that’s BPA-free to protect your health. A modern wine glass with all these features allows for a better experience not just for the general enjoyment of your wine, but also for a relaxing camping trip.

So, when you’re thinking about your ideal camping accessories and planning your trip, make sure you have the right wine glasses. Shatterproof accessories are necessary for your safety and because you and your kids shouldn’t have to deal with glass cuts when you should be enjoying yourself. With that particular worry out the way, you can enjoy your trip without fear of walking on glass shards. 

So, whether you’re out on the lake, at a campsite, or just traveling around by your RV, you can take your wine anywhere with you without fear. Enjoy a glass of wine the only way you should – in a proper wine glass made for camping. When putting together your accessories for your next trip, make sure you add your wine glasses for camping to your camping necessities list.

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