How to Pack Wine Glasses for Moving

Pack Wine Glasses for Moving

Maybe you are planning to move to a new home this month. The excitement might be at its peak, but at the same time, you might be worried about the difficulties in packing essentials. All the family members right now might be trying to find the best packaging materials to ensure complete safety of their valuables. 

Well, we are here to help you in these difficult times. We understand that packing delicate glasses incorrectly may lead to huge losses during the moving process. Many homeowners end up breaking their expensive, delicate items while shifting from one place to another. However, if you are lucky enough to have unbreakable wine glasses, there is no need to worry. Those glasses are made from 100% Eastman Tritan material that is safe to carry to different locations while moving. Moreover, they are EA-free, BPA-free and food safe as well. 

For all those who are looking for some reliable options to pack their delicate glasses during moving, be sure to follow the steps and tips listed below:

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Choose an adequate box:

    The first challenge in the moving process is to find a proper box for packing your wine glasses. The box must ensure proper safety to the delicate glass materials so they don’t get crushed or break during travel. It is important to find a box that is secure and big enough to handle your unique collection of wine glasses. The professionals recommend using a dish pack box, preferably 5.2 cubic ft in height. These boxes usually come with double-thick walls that can ensure extra protection for glasses while moving. 

    Pick the right materials:

    After finding the right box for packing wine glasses, it is time to use adequate materials for wrapping them safely. There are two main things that you require at this step: one is packing paper, and the other is cardboard inserts. They can keep your glasses safe inside the box so they do not get scratched on each other as well. People who have unbreakable wine glasses feel least worried about making additional efforts for packing them. These glasses can be used confidently for picnics and camping as well. You can explore a few more reasons about what makes unbreakable glasses the perfect choice for occasional gifts

    packing a glass into on the packing paper

    Wrap wine glasses carefully:

    It is time to cover your wine glasses using the best wrapping materials. Simply grab your packing paper from one corner and gently roll the glass over this paper. The sides of the paper must be tucked perfectly. It is not enough to add a single layer of wrapping paper; you need to repeat this process 3 to 5 times to achieve the desired level of thickness. It will help you ensure that glasses are well secured and cushioned for long travel. 

    cardboard boxes for moving boxes

    Pack and apply padding:

    When you are done with the wrapping task, it is time to prepare the box for putting glasses inside. It is important to cushion the bottom part of the box well with the help of packing paper. In case if you have cardboard inserts, it is good to position them on the packing paper to create better padding. The wrapped glasses must be placed vertically in the box, and it is important to secure them from sides as well. 

    Layer up and fill:

    Keep adding layers of cushioning and padding in the box after placing your glasses vertically. You can repeat the process as long as the box is full. Make sure the glasses are tightly secured between padding and cushioning materials. They should not be allowed to move. Otherwise, they may break. 

    Stuff all the empty space:

    Once all the glasses are added to the box, it is time to add stuffing to the remaining space. You may need some crumpled paper for this purpose, as it can ensure higher security for the glasses. If you are planning for a campsite or a picnic and do not want to carry heavy boxes, it is better to use unbreakable glasses. You can check out the detailed guide here about why unbreakable glasses are good for camping.

    taping the box with glasses

    Tape the box; it is now ready to move:

    When you are done with the stuffing, it is time to tape the box. After securing covering from all directions, your box is now ready to move. This type of packing may help you to protect your fragile wine glasses so you can enjoy drinking your favourite wine using them at the house-warming party. 

    Hope these tips helped you to prepare your wine glasses for your next move so they safely reach your new home. Make sure to add a new collection of unbreakable wine glasses at your new place so you can carry them safely to all your outdoor adventure plans.

    housewarming party with glasses for wine

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