Are Unbreakable Wine Glasses Dishwasher Safe?

Unbreakable Wine Glasses in A Winery

The worlds of wine and whiskey have deep roots based on hundreds of years of tradition. Still, although it seems little changes behind these noble drinks, the reality is that the wine industry has taken sharp turns every few decades. All led by innovation, new technology and consumer preferences.

The very first stainless-steel temperature-controlled fermentation tanks led the way to white wine as we know it, and organic farming has taken wine drinking in a new direction. These are only a few examples. The wine scene is dynamic, and every change is for the better. 

When it comes to wine enjoyment, Tritan wine glasses have changed the game. If you still don't know about this resistant, crystal-clear material, check it out in the link above.

We're talking about unbreakable, crystal-clear and incredibly gorgeous glassware with amazing versatility. If you're wondering if this new material is really as resistant as we say, read How Durable Are Unbreakable Wine Glasses?

Yes, unbreakable wine glasses and Champagne flutes are changing the way we enjoy wine, and they're resistant for sure, but are they dishwasher safe? Here's all you need to know about it. 

A Man at A Winery With A Shatterproof Wine Glass

Because Unbreakable is Not Enough, The Perfect Wine Glasses Must Also Be Practical

Unbreakable wine glasses made with BPA-free Tritan material have countless benefits against traditional crystal wine glasses.

Of course, they won't break, meaning you can stack them and use them for dinner parties and one-thousand-guest weddings without breaking a single one. Here's a list of occasions where unbreakable glasses are better

Sure, these glasses are insanely pretty, eco-friendly, and reliable, but if they're not practical, then there's a problem.

The good news is that Bravario's unbreakable glassware solves all your problems. Here are all your questions answered by the professional team at Bravario, starting with the most popular inquiry. 

  • Is the unbreakable glassware dishwasher safe? 

Yes, Tritan wine glasses, whisky glasses and Champagne flutes are dishwasher safe. You can wash them without risking a single scratch just by placing them on the top rack of any home or commercial dishwasher. 

  • Who Is Bravario?

We are a team of wine, whiskey and champagne connoisseurs headquartered in California wine country. Our love of wine has led us to the shared goal of helping you savor your favorite wine in impeccable style, no matter where your celebration takes place.

  • Are these wine glasses really unbreakable? 

Bravario Wine Glasses are made of 100% shatterproof Tritan plastic. Built to resist splintering, cracking and impacts, they are ideal for raucous parties.

  • Are these wine glasses reusable?

Unlike single-use cups that need frequent replenishment, our sturdy wine glasses can be used over and over again. They are long lasting and budget-conscious.

  • Do the glasses smudge or fade from sunscreen or outdoors?

Our Bravario glasses are perfect for your outdoor picnic & camping, and ideal to relax around the pool, patio or boat. They don't smudge and don't fade.

  • Are these glasses plastic?

Our unbreakable glasses are made of heavy-duty Tritan plastic. Tritan is a high-quality, durable plastic that is unbreakable.

  • Are these BPA free?

Our Bravario glasses are entirely BPA free and can therefore be safely used for all foodstuffs. This is one of the strengths of Tritan plastic.

  • Are these microwave-safe? I'd like to be able to warm milk in them in the microwave.

Tritan products are entirely BPA, BPS-free, and can therefore be safely used for all foodstuffs. Our glasses can withstand temperatures of up to 100°C and are microwave safe. Consequently, you can use our glasses for heating milk in the microwave and enjoy their excellent and safe premium qualities. 

A Man Tastes Wine from An Unbreakable Tritan Glass

Thanks For Your Questions!

We're more than happy to answer all your questions about our unbreakable glassware collection. Please contact us if we haven't addressed yours in this post. 

Tritan wine glasses are the real deal and part of the new way of enjoying your favorite drinks in the safest, more reliable and fashionable way. Get yours today!

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