How Durable Are Unbreakable Wine Glasses?

Wine in Unbreakable Wine Glasses it is a hobby and a lifestyle

Wine is such an enjoyable drink; it’s a hobby, a lifestyle, a universe of knowledge, and the ultimate conversation starter. Wine comes in all colors and flavors, and each one hides a gorgeous array of aromas waiting for you to discover.

Although the main character, wine needs proper supporting actors, and wine glasses are crucial cast members.

Wine glasses are also immensely varied, from three-figure mouth-blown crystal glasses to conventional two-buck glass stemware. Still, there’s a new category that’s been gaining popularity for the last few years: unbreakable wine glasses.

We’re far past the opaque, cheap plastic wine glasses you probably first encountered in the nineties—a not-very-good product that might have left you with a bad impression. 

There are new materials now, and they’re awesome. Today’s unbreakable wine glasses are so pretty and versatile, even the snobbiest of wine lovers will enjoy them, especially in particular situations such as pool parties.

picnic lunch with Unbreakable Wine Glasses

The Secret Is Tritan

What really changed the unbreakable wine glass industry was a material called Tritan. It is a BPA-free plastic with crystal clarity and amazing durability. 
Tritan glasses won’t shatter or crack, and you’ll have a hard time scratching them. The stemware is lighter than crystal, and it’s top-rack dishwasher safe. Learn more about this exciting material here.
Manufacturers around the world are making drinkware, food containers, serving dishes, small appliances, and water bottles with the material, and the stuff is top notch. This material is really changing the way we see plastic. It’s not about manufacturing disposable stuff, but it’s about making things that last. The one product that has really exceeded expectations is wine glasses.
Take a look at these gorgeous unbreakable champagne flutes and these state-of-the-art unbreakable whiskey glasses. These are just a few items of the beautiful sets of unbreakable stemmed and stemless glasses on Bravario’s catalog. 
So, the question is, how durable are unbreakable wine glasses? Well, we’re about to find out. 

The Washing Test

Being unbreakable is one thing, but no one likes a scratched wine glass. Looks matter, after all. So, our first test was figuring out if the unbreakable was also unscratchable.

We used the Tritan wine glasses several times, washing them both in the dishwasher and by hand. We used diverse dishwashing sponges, from soft to coarse, with no noticeable scratching.

Of course, we didn’t stop there, so we rubbed the glasses against several surfaces with unnatural force, to say the least, until concrete finally made a mark.

The verdict: like any plastic, the wine glasses can scratch, but you really have to try. No regular use will damage these unbreakable glasses.

Unbreakable Wine Glasses won’t shatter or crack

The Drop Test

No traditional wine glass will withstand a fall, but the unbreakable glasses do. We dropped the glasses in every normal event, and they all survived, every time.

What if you accidentally dropped your wine glass from a third-story building? Surprisingly, it would survive too, but don’t try it at home.

Unbreakable wine glasses are unbreakable in any ordinary circumstance, so be assured that you won’t be cleaning shattered glass anytime soon. But what type of test would this be if we didn’t take the stemware to the limit?

Here’s where our final testing comes in place. 

The Hammer Test

You would never hit your glassware with a hammer, but having proved they’re extremely hard to scratch and practically unbreakable in any normal circumstance, it was time to have some fun.

So, we all stared in terror as one of our teammates repeatedly hit our wine glasses with a hammer with increased force. The glassware withstood several blows until it cracked, ending our testing with remarkable scores.

You can break anything if you put your heart into it, but if you care enough to source nice stemware to enjoy wine, whiskey, and other spirits, we know you’ll take care of it.  

 Unbreakable Wine Glasses don't break when hit

You Can Take Our Word for It

Unbreakable glasses are really unbreakable. That’s a proven fact, but that’s not why you want a whole set of them. You want a whole set because they’re a joy to handle, and they show wine’s most beautiful expressions.

Wine glasses are a means to enjoy wine, and for that, these glasses are perfect. Being unbreakable is an undeniable added benefit, but the most important thing is that you don’t have to think about them. They’re there to make you have an enjoyable time.

Wine is all about enjoying yourself with your friends and family, so do that, and don’t worry about someone accidentally knocking down one of your glasses.

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