Have You Heard About Tritan Whiskey Glasses?

A man drinks alcohol from an unbreakable tritan whiskey glasses

Everyone’s talking about Tritan glassware. It might just be the most transcendental invention since leaded crystal, and innovation was long overdue!

Perhaps you know this type of glassware as the famous unbreakable wine glasses’ that became viral on the web some time ago, but wine glasses were just the beginning. 

Fine producers like Bravario are now crafting all types of glassware with the durable material, from stemless wine glasses to champagne flutes, and of course, today feature: unbreakable whiskey glasses.

Let’s learn more about this durable glassware alternative and why you’ll want to have them around at home or in your business. 

Whiskey is booming worldwide and now has more fans than ever — it was about time for glassware technology to catch up. Read on and know all there is about Tritan whiskey glasses

Many bottles of whiskey at the bar

What is Tritan, anyway?

Tritan is a type of copolyester. A strong, resistant, and malleable material deemed the safest plastic for the food industry. This material hit the market fairly recently but gained popularity fast for several reasons.

For starters, it looks like glass; the material is gorgeous. Glossy, crystal-clear and stylish.

Tritan is durable. Glassware made with Tritan won’t break easily; actually, it takes quite a lot of effort to scratch or crack these glasses. They look great even after hundreds of dishwasher cycles, and you can’t say that about any other material, not even crystal. 

The strong material is also safe — it’s BPA-free, meaning it won’t leach any chemicals into your food or drink. Unlike other plastics like PET, there are no health risks associated with Tritan. It’s that good. 

If it looks like glass and feels like glass, but it won’t break, even if you drop it, that’s Tritan right there. 

Man in a bar making a cocktail with whiskey

Benefits of Using Tritan Whiskey Glasses

Unbreakable whiskey glasses are an excellent substitute for traditional crystal glassware, but they also have unique benefits. Make sure you read our article 5 Everyday Occasions Where Unbreakable Glasses Are Better’

Traditional crystal old-fashioned, or low ball glasses are either made with sturdy but not very pretty glass or made with crystal and are fragile. Here’s where Tritan whiskey glasses come in. 

You can have all the whiskey glassware sets you need, even for the largest parties, all stacked up without the risk of breaking any single glass. That’s a load off your chest. 

It comes as no surprise that caterers, restaurants, resorts and yacht clubs are buying these gorgeous whiskey glasses in large numbers, but you can enjoy them at home too.

Unbreakable, crystal-clear, smooth glasses that are also dishwasher safe. What else do you need? Add to this a lifetime support by Bravario, and you’ve got yourself a deal you can’t refuse. 

The man at the bar pours whiskey into a unbreakable tritan glass

How To Enjoy Whiskey in Your New Glasses

Whiskey comes in all flavor profiles and price points. Whether you prefer fine Blended Scotch, Single Malts, Bourbon, Rye, Irish Whiskey or Japanese malts, you can enjoy them better with a few rules.

  • You want to pour your favorite brown spirit in a proper thick-bottomed whiskey glass. The volatile aromatic compounds build inside the glass as you gently swirl it.
  • Enjoy your whiskey at 15-18 degrees Celsius (60-65 °F) to make the most out of the malt’s nuanced aromas and honeyed flavors.
  • You can always add a few drops of water to let the malt unfold and become more complex. An ice cube will do the same thing and will keep your whiskey pleasingly cold. 
Unbreakable tritan whiskey glasses

What People Are Saying About Bravario’s Unbreakable Whiskey Glasses

With excellent quality and an even better price, whiskey aficionados have let themselves be heard. Here’s what US customers are saying about their Tritan Whiskey Glasses.

  • Bina D says: Great size and shape… Hoping they come back in stock so I can buy another few sets.
  • Liya says: These glasses were my gift for my good friend. How glad he was to receive them! It was the best solution for the party, and after that, glasses would become faithful companions to a barbecue or a good dinner with fine whiskey.
  • Margaret says: We love ours. We then gifted to a family member who likes his whiskey neat and likes the backyard BBQ lifestyle. No worries about breakage. They sure look like glass, having no plastic-like smell.
A man sits and drinks alcohol from an unbreakable tritan whiskey glass

Get Your Tritan Whiskey Glasses Today 

Get a set of two, four or eight Tritan Whiskey glasses today. They’re incredibly well priced for a set of indestructible and fashionable glassware.

It comes without saying these are awesome gifts for everyone who enjoys whiskey, aged rum, tequila, brandy and short cocktails, including the Old Fashioned, the Boulevardier, the Black Russian and more. 

If everything pretty in life were unbreakable, we’d be living in a whole different world!

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