5 Everyday Occasions Where Unbreakable Glasses Are Better

picnic on the beach with wine glasses

Let’s face it, there has been at least one time or another when you’ve found yourself wishing you hadn’t used those beautiful, one-of-a-kind glasses you had in your home. There is nothing worse than one of your glasses breaking and having to sweep up the remains. It’s a hassle and an expense that can potentially cause some injuries.

There is a way to cut out all those downsides of using normal glass and replace them with unbreakable glasses.

Can you think of one of those times you wish you had unbreakable wine glasses? Well, we can.

outdoor barbecue

Outdoor parties or barbeques

Any sort of glasses used in outdoor spaces is generally quite risky. But with any sort of social event, with friends, family, kids and the potential pouring of liquor, there is bound to be a breaking accident. Keep in mind there is always a time and a place for regular glasses. However, with so much activity and fun happening with an outdoor party, there is little concern with the glass you’re drinking from. So, save your usual glasses and opt for the unbreakable version instead. They look like the real thing, without the risk of them breaking.

Beach visits

A day on the beach isn’t the same without a refreshing drink, so you’re likely to pack some refreshments and, of course, the glasses. Although it seems like a less risky situation considering the sand is soft and seems less likely to break your glasses, it isn’t worth the risk. The fact of the matter is that glasses can break in several different ways. You don’t want to be the person responsible for having shards of glass on the beach for potential beachgoers to injure themselves on. So, unbreakable glasses are the way to go!

wine glasses stand on the outdoor party


The idea of having glasses at a serene picnic has similar consequences to beach days and barbeques. Outdoors are risky for glassware, and it’s best not to take that chance. There is nothing that can ruin a day like having to pick up the pieces of some of your favourite glasses, especially on a day you had planned to relax. So, avoiding all that is simple with glasses that can’t break. The great thing about picnics is their relaxed environment, which doesn’t call for the best or most expensive glasses to be used, so unbreakable ones fit the mood perfectly. If you’re looking to see how these glasses are great for travelling in general, check out this article about Wine Glasses for Travel.

Kids’ parties

The need for unbreakable glasses at kids’ parties should be self-explanatory. There is nothing that can spoil a special event like this more than the idea of someone getting seriously injured by broken glass. So, these unbreakable glasses come to the rescue. They look like real glass without the potential hazard real glass can create. These glasses come in many different shapes and sizes, and there will be ones that are perfectly designed for children and their needs, as well as adults too. Gone are the days of old-school, hard plastic cups. Cheers to the modern version of beautifully designed unbreakable glass.

picnic outdoors with wine glasses


As you can imagine, bars go through hundreds of glasses a month because of breakage. It is one of the greatest headaches that the business can experience. If you’re having to deal with copious amounts of liquor each night, there is nothing that works better than unbreakable glasses. It minimizes the risk of injury and saves a lot of unnecessary cleaning. But most importantly, these glasses are a long-term investment that minimize the headache of having to constantly run out of glasses and needing to order more. Given the fact that these new and improved unbreakable glasses were specifically designed to look exactly like normal glasses, they fulfil their duties fully, without having to compromise the experience.

Although these are only a handful of situations where unbreakable glasses should be the obvious choice, there are many, many instances where they are just the most practical option. The bigger the social event, the greater the chance of these glasses suiting the situation. The great thing about these glasses is that they are shaped and sized to look like normal glasses, offering the best experience. It is a best-of-both-worlds situation, where you have the look of a normal glass without the downsides that it may bring.

So, what is stopping you from getting your hands on the first few?

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