Wine Glasses for Travel. Roam Free & Travel with Your Glass Half Full

Wine Glasses for Travel. Roam Free & Travel with Your Glass Half Full

One of the things that used to annoy us when we took vacations was the lack of good quality wine glasses for travel. We were always up for a glass of wine when we traveled. Unfortunately, good wine glasses weren’t always readily available for our trips.

          wine glasses for travel

Most of us have made the mistake of thinking that it’s a quick fix to buy glasses when traveling. Or we had taken the now dreaded route of plastic or silicone glasses that did not enhance our travel experience at all.

But, that’s no longer a problem for us when we go on our trips. After all, we now have the best wine glasses for travel right at our fingertips.

There is no better accessory in a wine lover’s toolkit than a quality wine glass. It’s not that we are wine snobs. It’s just that if we are traveling, we shouldn’t need to forgo the little luxuries we enjoy. To make sure that we didn’t reencounter those mistakes, we’ve chosen to get (yes, read as ‘make’) the perfect set of travel wine glasses.

So, while there is a variety of wine glass designs for different types of wines, there is no rule that you need to have a multitude of wine glasses. Of course, we agree that the kind of wine glass you choose can affect your enjoyment of the wine.

However, we knew what we wanted in a travel wine glass, and below are the features we wanted when we designed our wine glasses for travel.

What to look for when buying wine glasses for travel

·         Easily portable

Stemless wine glasses are one of the easiest glasses to pack and take with you on vacation. Most importantly, there aren’t any stems for you to worry about breaking. Plus, jostling about during your chosen mode of transport shouldn’t lead to damage, especially if they are unbreakable wine glasses.

Now, we understand that you may be averse to a stemless wine glass because you’ve heard that your hands on the wine glass bowl can change the temperature of the wine. But there is a variety of wines that won’t be affected by this, and if you serve your wines at the recommended temperature, it shouldn’t become that big of an issue. Your hands can heat your reds to a nice temperature, and you can serve your whites chilled.


·         They Won’t Break

In addition to portability, another feature we want in a wine glass for travel is durability. How easy – or difficult – it is to damage them. When choosing glasses to take on your next trip, you need to assess the strength of the glass and its ability to withstand everyday use. That’s why a travel wine glass must be sturdy.

Broken wine glass shards shouldn’t be the greeting you receive when you get to your travel destination. So, a wine glass made from a high-quality plastic like Tritan that is almost indestructible is perfect for traveling. As an unbreakable wine glass, this aspect makes them ideal for packing and travel. Grab a set, sit back and relax, and enjoy your bottle of wine anywhere – indoors or outdoors.

·         Practical

Your travel wine glass should be stable and easy to carry, and this is another area where our glasses shine.

Stemless glasses are one of the most practical types of wine glasses for travel. It’s less likely that you or a fellow traveler will knock over your stemless wine glass. Plus, they are so easy to store. And depending on the type – like a Tritan wine glass – you don’t need to handwash and can just put them in the dishwasher.

Another area of practicality that makes for a good wine glass for travel is that they are suitable for all-purpose use. No need to pack separate glasses for your Chardonnays versus your Cabernet Sauvignon or even your favorite Merlot. All these lovely wines still taste great when drinking from our travel wine glass.

·         Doesn’t ruin the wine drinking experience

The best wine glasses for travel will allow you to enjoy the fine drinking experiences you’re accustomed to. They should be the perfect compromise where traditional crystal glasses won’t work.

So, when you are buying wine glasses, ensure they retain their elegant shape and offer like quality as crystal glasses. For example, a travel wine glass like Bravario’s allows you to swirl your wine without any loss of wine, just like a good crystal glass.

Plus, because they are excellent wine glasses for travel made from Tritan, they still resemble regular glasses. The look and feel are similar, and these glasses won’t dent like stainless steel glasses.

Another measure of a good wine glass is one that shows off its contents to the best advantage. That means you can see, smell, and taste all the flavors that make your preferred wine special. You can do all that with a Bravario wine glass.

·         Versatile

Travel wine glasses should be adaptable. You won’t be going to the same place every time you travel or go on a vacation. So, a versatile glass can go with you to the lake, camp with you in the woods, help you relax on the beach or be there in a climb through the snowy mountains.

In addition, you don’t need to stick with one type of wine. A medium-sized all-purpose wine glass is designed for both white and red wines. The shape of the bowl allows for a good drinking experience for most wines. You can easily get the aroma, taste, and flavors of the wine using these glasses.

Wine Glasses for travel

So, what is the ideal wine glass for traveling?

Can there be a perfect wine glass, one that offers a one-size-fits-all expereince? Is it possible to find the best stemless wine glass for travel that won’t ruin your wine? We think so, and you’ll come to see that too after you buy your first set of Bravario wine glasses designed for travel.  

And who says you have to limit it to just wine? Even water, aperitifs, juice – they’ll all taste good if not better from a Bravario wine glass. A more elegant all-purpose wine glass is hard to find. Though stemless, they retain the grace and sophistication of traditional crystal stemware. They are also lightweight with a comfortable grip and a stable base for a variety of uses.

So, whether you’re the occasional traveler or you enjoy zipping out as often as you can, you don’t need to forgo those experiences that make travel worth it. These inexpensive stemless wine glasses for travel are the perfect companion for your next trip.

Don’t let a bottle of good wine go to waste because of terrible drinkware. Grab a set of these beautifully crafted wine glasses before the big date, and you’re set for your next travel experience.

Get ready to pour yourself one and enjoy life with your wine glass half full.

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