Is it true that sunscreen can harm Tritan glasses?

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Here comes the summer with a new season of outdoor activities. People tend to spend more and more time outside, as it’s a real pleasure to sunbathe and get a healthy dose of vitamin D. However, sunbathing is not without risks. We all know that direct sun rays can be harmful to our skin. So, do not forget to protect your skin from the negative effects of UV rays and apply sunscreen regularly.

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A warm sunny day is a perfect time to catch up with your friends and participate in outdoor recreational activities. What a delight to take your favorite food and a bottle of wine or sparkling champagne with you! Our unbreakable drinking glasses are perfect for this and can add a pleasant atmosphere to your event; you can bring them on a picnic or use them during pool parties without worrying that they might shatter. You can find out why unbreakable glasses are perfect accessories while drinking poolside here.
Our glasses are not affected by water, heat or sun rays; the only issue is that you should be careful when using them after applying sunscreen. Some sunscreen, lotion, cosmetic products and essential oils can have a negative effect on the appearance of tumblers, causing a cloudy layer and leaving smudges on the surface of the glass. However, you can still use your glass if this happens, as it doesn’t affect its safety. Nevertheless, it is better to prevent it from fading or discoloring by avoiding contact with sunscreen products.

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Do you ever wonder why sunscreen can spoil the original appearance of the glass? 

The tumblers are made from a material called Tritan. According to recent research, sunscreen can negatively affect the material, causing cloudy layers on the surface of the glass or etchings in the material.
That is why, we recommend you avoid touching the glass after applying sunscreen and avoid contact of any sunscreen product with Unbreakable Drinking Glasses made of Tritan. In case the sunscreen gets on your glass, please wash it as soon as possible in order not to get a cloudy permanent mark on it. If you follow this simple rule, your glasses will live and shine much longer. Now you know more about how sunscreen can affect your favorite unbreakable glass, so you can avoid these problems in the future and enjoy your tumblers completely!

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Undesirable smudges, caused by touching the glass after using sunscreen, is the only disadvantage of products made of Tritan. Now, let’s take a look at how many pluses Tritan products have.
Firstly, our task is to find out what Tritan is and why it has gained popularity among traders and ordinary people all over the world. Tritan is a new-generation plastic, but it is much safer and more environmentally sound, as it doesn’t contain BPA and other harmful chemicals. 
What helps Tritan to stand out from other materials? First of all, Tritan is unbreakable, even if you drop the glass on hard surfaces. Secondly, it’s lighter than crystal or glass, and it shines and has the same clarity as standard glass, so it’s really difficult to differentiate it from real glass. Tritan tumblers are absolutely safe to drink from; they don’t change the taste of the liquid, and they won’t absorb smells and colors. What is more, glasses made of Tritan are more durable, and they can withstand almost everything; you can clink glasses with enthusiasm with your loved ones without worrying that it will crack.

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Moreover, these tumblers are suitable for washing in the dishwasher hundreds of times, and they will still look like new, without fading or any signs of cloudiness. In addition to this, the glasses look graceful and stylish; they will truly deliver an awesome presentation to your event. More about the advantages of our unbreakable glasses made of Tritan can be found in this article.
As you see, the pros outweigh the cons, so you can fully enjoy unbreakable glasses made of this safe and reliable material.

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