Unbreakable Whiskey Glasses, Let’s Keep The Party Going

Unbreakable Whiskey Glasses, Tritan glasses, kind of whiskey glasses

Whiskey is one of those drinks you can just sip for hours. The finest malts unfold beautifully in the glass. Those honeyed scents, the fluttering vanilla, those sweet brown spices from the oak barrels, what’s not to love?

Whiskey is meant to be savored nice and slow, but it’s also designed to be shared with your loved ones and your esteemed drinking buddies. 

There are times, though, when the conditions aren’t right to enjoy a proper dram. When you’re out at a pool party, on the beach, or when there are simply too many guests for your glassware. This is where unbreakable whiskey glasses come in. 

With a crystal clear, real glass look, these awesome low ball, old fashioned or whiskey glasses have you covered. Let us tell you all about them. 

When a new technology meets gorgeous designs, you get glassware that can change the world as you know it. That’s precisely what Bravario’s stemware is all about. Beauty in simplicity. All for the sake of enjoying a proper drink wherever you go. 

Showcase in a bar with whiskey, Unbreakable Whiskey Glasses

What Are Unbreakable Whiskey Glasses, Anyway?

The day when disposable plastic glasses where the only alternative for glass and crystal are long gone. The new thing is Eastman Tritan, a copolyester material that’s durable, crystal clear, chemical resistant and with a high-impact strength. Actually, the finest appliances, molds, bowls and food containers are now made with Tritan.

The craze for unbreakable glasses is trending more than ever. You can see people trying to shed these resistant glasses online with poor results. They’re literally unbreakable within normal use. Check out how durable are unbreakable glasses here

First, it was regular drinking glasses, then Tritan wine glasses came to the market; now whiskey aficionados can enjoy this technology with the nicest looking unbreakable whiskey glasses ever.

In a nutshell, unbreakable whiskey glasses are ultra-modern technology applied to one of the greatest pleasures in life. Durable, resistant, beautiful, and, most importantly, safe to use. 

The man relaxes and drinks whiskey from a shatterproof whiskey glass, tritan glasses. Glasses for restaurants, beach resorts, yachts, golf courses and cruises

These Are Just A Few Benefits of Bravario’s Unbreakable Whiskey Glasses

Besides the evident benefits of having unbreakable glasses around, that you can take anywhere with ease, that you can ship halfway around the world without losing a single piece and that they’re gorgeous, these are a few more benefits of getting some unbreakable glasses.

  • They are entirely food-safe, BPA-free and EA-free; these are the most harmful chemicals in plastic that actually leach into food and beverages. That’s why you should never trust regular plastic with your food.
  • The whiskey wine glasses have a state-of-the-art design and are ideal for enjoying Scotch, Bourbon, Irish Whiskey, and exclusive Whiskey Malts.
  • From fine rum to añejo tequila, any brown spirit is better enjoyed in these thick-bottomed lowballs.
  • You won’t find sharp edges here; these whiskey glasses have smooth rims and no roughness. The quality is astounding. 
  • With a 12.5oz capacity and sets of two or four glasses, you can build your collection whether you’re buying these for personal use or a sizeable whiskey-loving crowd.
  • These glasses come with lifetime support by Bravario, and they have free shipping across the USA. 
Unbreakable Whiskey Glasses, Tritan glasses. Glasses for restaurant, beach resorts, yachts, golf courses and cruises

    Meet The Makers

    Bravario was founded by a team of wine, whiskey, and Champagne connoisseurs. Passionate Californian enthusiasts with the single objective of allowing like-minded people to enjoy their favorite drinks everywhere, no matter what. 

    Attention to detail and pristine designs are key here, and they found their answer in Tritan, the safest plastic on earth. 

    Bravario glasses are all about the customer experience, from the time you order your unbreakable glasses to the moment you take that first sip — flawless. 

    Unbreakable Whiskey Glasses, The man relaxes and drinks whiskey

    Spread Your Love For Whiskey

    With your new unbreakable whiskey glasses, you can take your love for whiskey everywhere you go. You can even pack them on your carry-on luggage on your travels; how neat is that?

    Go camping, have a nice drink at the beach, have a picnic or a backyard grilling party — Proper whiskey glasses won’t be a problem anymore, and there will be no broken glasses the next morning, not on our watch. 

    Don’t miss the big picture here. Unbreakable whiskey glasses are here to stay, and they’re getting lots of attention. Caterers, restaurants, beach resorts, yacht clubs, golf courses, and cruises are lining up to offer their guests a proper whiskey experience. 

    Now it’s your turn to upgrade your glassware collection and start enjoying Bravario’s Tritan glasses. By all means, don’t stop at whiskey; wine glasses, drinking glasses and Champagne flutes are all available, all gorgeous-looking and unbreakable.

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