Wine Glasses for Boating: The Ideal Accompaniment to Your Exciting Getaway

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Are you sick of sipping expensive wine in boring paper cups when you travel out to sea? Do you find it off-putting to have to do this for your guests even though it is safer than using crystal glasses? Well, we thought the same, and now we’ve found the perfect solution to this!

You no longer have to compromise style and aesthetic while on vacation, because Bravario has your back. With its finest collection of wine and whiskey glasses and champagne flutes, you will no longer have to feel awkward serving your friends or partner alcohol. 

But are they safe to use, especially on a boat in the middle of the sea? What features do you need to look for when deciding upon the best wine glasses for boating? This article will help you figure out just that, and even open up bold new ways for you to incorporate this product in many unconventional situations.

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How to Pick the Very Best Wine Glass for Boating

Boating can be a relatively high-risk leisure activity compared with some others, but it is incredibly popular all across the globe. In the United States alone, it has been reported that there are around 11.85 million recreational boats or other similar vessels registered as late as 2018. 

Since there are so many of you out there sailing, we wanted to bring a product that you’d never want to head out to sea without!

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Safety and Protection from Harm

There is a very strict set of rules and guidelines recreational boaters are expected to follow, according to American law. This includes having some kind of certification or training on boating safety and education in some states, while others require adhering to specific state laws as well. 

Part of ensuring the boaters' safety is to ensure that only objects that are safe and easy to use are brought onto the boat. In this case, bringing a crystal wine glass or champagne flute would be quite dangerous as it can break easily and often, even more so than it would on land. 

So what do you do? Well, here is where we come in. Bravario offers all its customers wine glasses made out of Tritan plastic. This plastic is free of bisphenol A, which is harmful to the environment and to the health and well-being of living beings. 

Our Tritan glasses are also free of estrogenic and androgenic activity as well as from bisphenol S. This makes them completely safe to use, even for children. Moreover, they will not break if they slip out of your hands and fall as the waves push your yacht back and forth too swiftly. 

This way, not only will you and your guests remain safe from getting cut, but you will avoid creating an unnecessary mess that will be a pain to clean. 

To learn more about Tritan plastic, you can read our article.

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Aesthetics and Durability 

What good is a wine glass if you cannot get the feel of it? As most wine connoisseurs will tell you, drinking wine is an experience of its own, and like all good experiences, it requires the right tools to fully appreciate.  

A wine glass is designed typically with a stem, but here at Bravario, we do things a bit differently. Instead of the prototypical style of a wine glass, we have designed bold and sleek stemless wine glasses for our customers, which meet the expectations of providing a fulfilling wine experience to those who choose them. 

Additionally, the Tritan plastic also resembles crystal. In fact, most people can't tell the difference between them! The appearance and design of the glass ensure that you can drink your Merlots and Pinot Noirs without compromising on the aesthetic value.

But perhaps what is even more exciting is how durable these glasses are while looking exactly like crystal ware. As previously mentioned, Tritan plastic does not break even when dropped. Furthermore, these glasses are dishwasher friendly without losing shine, making them convenient to clean on the go. 

With Bravario wine glasses, you will never again have to fret over broken shards of glass, so you know they are also safe to use, even for children! 

To find additional information about wine glasses and how they are ideal for traveling purposes, see this article on our blog. 

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Our Ethos 

Why wine glasses, you may ask. The answer is simple. Bravario cares about going the extra mile to make your special moments perfect for you. Our aim is to give you safer alternatives to use when on an exotic vacation, without compromising on beauty and uniqueness. 

We also take special care in making your shopping experience memorable and enjoyable. From the time you browse through our products to the moment you hold them in your hands, we strive to provide you with the best in customer service throughout the year. 

So, what are you waiting for? Lean back and relax as we remove the hassles that threaten to spoil your boating experience. Sip your chardonnay without worry and let the waves take you wherever you wish to go!

Check out our unbreakable and long-lasting wine glasses on our website. To place your order, simply add the product to your cart and proceed to provide your details. 

Have a question that needs answering? Visit the heading "contact" to leave your name and message, and someone will reply in only a few days' time.

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